Women's Nutrition

Anna is our Nutritional Therapist working in the Bristol Area offering a range of Women’s Nutrition services to support you and your family.

Anna helps women to feel nourished and rebalanced through nutritional therapy during pregnancy & postnatally. She takes the stress out of baby weaning and advises on healthy children’s diets.

Family Nutrition

When you eat a balanced nutritious diet you feel stronger, calmer and more resilient – all useful for raising a family! As mums of two children ourselves, we both know how hard it is to think of new meals to make to keep it all interesting, and how easy it is just to grab a slice of toast! Get in touch to find out how our tailored, evidence based, holistic nutrition plans can help you, or your child. Email us info@the-gentle-touch.com.

Baby Nutrition and Weaning

Our Baby Nutrition & Weaning Classes give you all you need to know to start solids with your baby. We cover when to start, what first foods to give, the difference between Baby Led Weaning and purees, and nutritional requirements for babies. Book your place or contact us for a private group booking.

Fertility and Pregnancy Nutrition

Join our Pregnancy Nutrition Seminars to keep your energy up with a diet bursting with nutrients. Find out what to eat, how to deal with morning sickness, reflux or gestational diabetes, and the importance of the pregnancy microbiome.

Prepare your body for pregnancy through diet and lifestyle changes with a Fertility Nutrition Plan.

Our Latest Nutrition Posts

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