Tips for travelling with your baby

However you felt about travelling before you had a baby, now you’ve got an extra layer of organisation and planning to do! Read our quick tips for travelling with your baby to help keep you all safe and happy and hopefully reduce your stress levels when you’re away.

Travelling on a plane with your baby

  • There should be a baby changing table in the aeroplane toilet and although it’s tiny in there you can manage to change them. Keep a mini changing bag with the essentials in separate from your main hand luggage if you can so you don’t need to lug everything to the loo.
  • Your baby will be sitting on your lap during the flight, but you may also be able to get access to a bassinet to allow them to sleep. Ask the airline crew, sometimes you need to book in advance.
  • If your baby starts to be unsettled, walk up and down the aisle if you need to, most people love seeing a little baby. Don’t worry about the other passengers, easier said than done sometimes but babies cry, you haven’t done anything wrong.
  • Stay as calm as you can, use deep breathing if you feel anxious. Your baby will feel reassured by your calmness and confidence.  They have an amazing ability to read your feelings, you’re their safe place.
  • Feed your baby on take off and landing is said to help balance their ear pressure. Air cabins can be quite drying so babies can be more thirsty than usual, offer more feeds if necessary.
  • Bring some books and toys to keep them entertained and help give you something to talk about with them. Don’t feel embarrassed about singing and cooing at our baby if it keeps them entertained!

Travelling in a car with your baby

  • Allow plenty of time for stopping and getting out of the car. It can help your baby to have time to reconnect with you, feed and also stretch out.  Check latest guidance on how long babies should be in a car seat at any one time.
  • Get a rear view mirror for the car seat so you can see what they are doing, it can help you feel reassured to be able to see them so you don’t have to stop and check.
  • If there is more than one of you, sometimes sitting next to your baby in the back can help them feel more secure and less unsettled.
  • Get some sunshades to attach to the windows so your baby won’t overheat in the back in direct sunlight, or even a muslin/paper sticky taped to the window does the job.

General travel tips with your baby

  • Take lots of snacks – especially if you’re breastfeeding. You don’t want to be hungry or thirsty stuck with no sustenance if you are also keeping another human alive with your milk.
  • As well as your normal baby change set take lots of wipes, extra nappies and clothes, especially in case of delays.  Take change of clothes for yourself too in case of any baby spillages onto yourself.
  • Ask for help from fellow travellers, airline staff or anyone you’re with. People are normally happy to help carrying bags, picking up dropped items if you need a quick helping hand.
  • And remember snacks (again)!

Travelling with your baby can be stressful, but with a bit of planning you can make it work. Enjoy your holiday, once you get there you can relax a bit, and you’ll know what to expect for the journey home. Good luck!

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