See our Facebook site for the latest reviews of our classes. Here is some short testimonials about the benefits of our baby massage courses from our clients over the last few years:

I’ve really treasured the time I spent with my baby at massage. The relaxed atmosphere and thorough teaching by Emma gave me space to bond with my baby in a new way and the confidence to massage my baby at home too. I now massage my baby every evening before bed and since starting the massage course, he’s been sleeping through the night. As well as benefitting me and my baby in an emotional way, the course has taught me really practical moves too – I know how to help my baby through massage if he has wind problems, colic or a chesty cough. I’d definitely recommend Emma’s baby massage course to any parent who wants to find new ways to enjoy quality time with their baby.”

Susie, Bishopston – Oct 2012


When my little boy was born I was really really happy, but I was expecting to feel this overwhelming love that you hear about, but instead it felt like there was a process to go through – learn to feed your baby, learn to get your baby to sleep, learn to keep your baby happy!  It didn’t feel like a bond, more of a mechanical methodology being carried out.    I took up baby massage with The Gentle Touch and that’s when I really started to feel like I was taking time out to connect with my baby.  I practiced every day and really enjoyed the time 1-1 with him, it felt like we were enjoying something together, I’ve never looked back and adore and love my little one and the connection we now have.”
Kate, Southville – March 2012


My Son was born at 27 weeks and we spent 3 months in St Michael’s NICU. The Neonatal team recommended baby massage and so I started a course with Anna when we got him home.
I was nervous, but the first session was wonderful. Anna went through each stroke slowly and patiently. He visibly relaxed, smiled and really enjoyed the gentle stretches and squeezes. I realised that I hadn’t really thought of him as a little person before as we had been in hospital for so long and having this 1:1 time helped me connect and bond with him enormously. Massaging his little knees, feet and hands – each session we learnt a few more strokes and my confidence grew. We practise at home now as it gives us something special to do together and it helps his digestion, his physical development, and as a bonus he sleeps brilliantly afterwards! I would highly recommend Anna and The Gentle Touch for any premature baby and premature mother – a lovely thing to do during a tough time.”
Elly,  January 2014


I did a 4 week course with some of my antenatal friends and it was the  best thing I have paid for. At the time my LO was 8 weeks and massage  really helped his wind problems. It was a really lovely bonding  experience with him and I think really helped us to connect. We started  including massage in our bedtime routine, and now he’s 8 months he still loves it. My DH didn’t do the course but has picked it up from me, and  has really enjoyed being able to bond with LO as well. Emma was a great  teacher and the notes were so helpful as my sleep deprived brain  wouldn’t have been able to remember everything! I highly recommend The  Gentle Touch. Definitely worth the money.”

Stephanie – June 2013


I really loved the baby massage course with Gentle Touch. I never realised the benefits of baby massage and Emma did a brill job of filling us in on what can help with different issues. My LO really loved every class and was so chilled out when we were there it was such a loved way to created that extra mummy baby bond. I still use some of the massage moves now and he’s 8months old – he loves the leg and foot massage!

Emma was so supportive and calming and it was lovely to meet other mums and babes. My recommendation for the course goes without saying its a must!!”

Charlotte – August 2013


I really enjoyed my baby massage course with Gentle Touch. It was fascinating to learn about  the many benefits of baby massage and to learn how different strokes can be used to alleviate common ailments in babies. When my daughter was suffering from digestive problems I knew that I could use massage to help her. I also now know which strokes I can use to soothe her. It is amazing to watch her go still and visibly relax when I place my hands on her. When she was small I included massage in our morning routine and we both enjoyed the quiet time together at the start of our day.

I looked forward to the massage sessions each week. Emma was very supportive and the environment was really calm and relaxed. It was also great to meet other mums and share experiences. I still meet up with people I met on the course. I would definitely recommend the course.”

Rachel, Southville – August 2013

The structure and aims of our baby massage courses can give you more information about the sessions. Book onto a baby massage course via our Bookings page.

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