Massage Safety Guidelines and Disclaimer

Safety guidelines

Please read these guidelines carefully before you start your first class.

Parents/carer’s work with their own baby.

When practicing with your baby, never rush or force anything. If you feel stressed or tense, just take a break and come back to the practice later. Always ensure that you feel safe, secure and confident with the way you are holding or working with your baby. Never do anything that you do not feel comfortable with.

If your baby is unwell, it is best not to attend the massage class. If your baby is crying excessively and cannot be comforted, he/she may be ill. Never practice on a distressed baby, or if your baby is limp, pale, has a temperature, or any difficulties breathing. Please seek appropriate medical help.

It is not recommended to practice within 24 hours of your baby’s immunisations.


  • I have read the above safety guidelines and will ensure that I adhere to them.
  • I take full responsibility for myself and my baby, and for everything that happens to me and my baby in relation to the Baby Massage class.
  • If I have any doubts, I will seek the advice of my medical professional before proceeding with Baby Massage classes.
  • I will keep the Baby Massage Instructor informed of any health issues that arise over the course of the classes, both for me and my baby.
  • I understand that refunds are not possible if I miss classes.

The Gentle Touch take photographs during some of the sessions, these photos may be used for the Facebook page, website, leaflets and other advertising materials. You can opt out of this.

The information you give us is confidential.

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