How To Massage My Baby – Baby Massage Online Course


Learn to soothe and settle your baby at home.

When you purchase this course you’ll be given a password to our content page so you can access the videos and the supportive tips and guides. You’ll also be able to download the guidebook and our Bonus Top 10 tips for colic.

Included in this online baby massage course:

  • Two part videos showing a head to toe massage routine for your baby
  • Additional videos explaining benefits of baby massage, how to set up the room to massage your baby
  • Full set of detailed written instructions for massage with images and descriptions
  • Written checklist with our most commonly asked questions (e.g. when to massage, when NOT to massage a baby, which oils to use)

Bonus material:

FREE – Colic support checklist – 10 tips for when the crying doesn’t stop. Drawing on our extensive work with new mothers we bring our top tips to support you if your baby has prolonged periods of crying.

Baby Massage Online – Our How To Massage My Baby course will help you connect with your baby, and soothe their digestive issues such as colic, reflux and constipation.

You will learn to massage your baby from head to toe through our instructional videos. These are accompanied by a detailed written guide with photos. This baby massage online course gives you everything you need to build gentle, effective baby massage into your baby’s routine.

I am certified, experienced Baby Massage Instructors and have experience of working with over 1500 new parents in my popular baby massage classes in Bristol. This online baby massage course brings you the experience of attending a class with The Gentle Touch to your own home.

Massage is suitable for anyone at any age, it just needs to be adapted to be age appropriate.  This course would suit non moving babies, from approx 6 weeks until babies are starting to be more mobile, at approx 6 months.

Our gentle, nourishing approach to baby massage will support you and your baby to learn how to massage each part of their body. The routine in the videos are easy to learn and supported by the handout with images and description of each stroke.

  • All you need is your baby, a blanket or towel to lie them on and a natural edible oil.

We teach you:

  • The benefits of baby massage and how to incorporate massage into your daily life
  • When and how to massage your baby
  • When you shouldn’t massage your baby
  • Which oils to use and why some are not recommended
  • A two part top to toe baby massage routine you can follow at home


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