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Would you like to learn about the top superfoods for pregnancy? Want to know which foods will boost your health and give your baby the best nutrients? 

Pregnancy Superfoods eBook

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Do you want to learn more? If you book onto our Pregnancy Nutrition workshop you’ll get a discount on a 1:1 nutrition consultation to give you tailored diet advice. 

Anna is a qualified nutritional therapist working with pregnant women to help them feel great throughout pregnancy. Join our next Pregnancy Nutrition Seminar to get all the insights into what to eat, common pregnancy ailments, pregnancy microbiome, tasty recipes and meal ideas. Orfor your personal diet plan schedule a 1:1 nutrition consultation.

Pregnancy Nutrition Workshop

Here is your chance to learn about a healthy pregnancy diet: 

  • Pregnancy nutritional requirements and what you can eat to meet these
  • The role of the gut microbiome during pregnancy
  • Common pregnancy ailments and how your diet can help
  • What to avoid whilst pregnant 
  • Ideas for easy pregnancy snacks and recipes

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