Fertility Nutrition

Anna is our Fertility Nutrition Specialist working in Bristol.

She helps women prepare for pregnancy through a well balanced and nourishing diet and supporting health advice.

If you’re ready to start a family or add to yours then it’s this is the time to think about your diet. Fertility Nutrition is all about getting the body ready to grow a baby.

Good nutrition is vital during pregnancy. It is equally important to prepare the body before you conceive. Fertility nutrition support can help you if you’re not sure what to eat or what is a healthy diet. If you have an existing health issue we can talk about how changes to your diet may support that condition. 

Fertility is something most of us take for granted, and we take care avoiding getting pregnant, until the day we actually want a baby. 

Lifestyle factors affecting fertility

Sometimes stresses in our lives, underlying health conditions such as underactive thyroid, weight issues or hormone imbalances can affect how quickly you become pregnant. Women with a history of hormonal birth control may have problems with their cycles returning to normal. Or perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis or PCOS. All these things will affect a couple’s chances of conceiving.

Nutritional Therapy for Fertility

There is a lot of scope for improving your overall health with nutritional therapy. In a Nutritional Therapy Consultation we look at your existing diet together. We run through questions on all your body symptoms to build a picture of your health. After the session you’ll be given a food plan, advice on relevant supplements where appropriate, and we can discuss testing if required. 

To book your free 15 minute consultation with Anna to find out how nutritional therapy can help you please contact us on info@the-gentle-touch.com. Discuss what you’re looking for in an informal phone call and then make an appointment to get your fertility nutrition plan. 

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