Tailored nutrition support for you

Anna is our Women’s Nutrition specialist working in Bristol. She helps busy mums develop a nourishing diet that works for the whole family.

If you’re stuck in a rut with your food choices, or you’re living off caffeine, toast and biscuits Anna can help you find quick healthy choices to fuel your body. When your body is well balanced and supported you are in a better place to juggle parenting and life.

Our nutrition support will give you the information you need to rebalance your body, and feel energised again. Here’s what happens when you book a nutrition appointment with Anna, our registered Nutritional Therapist and BANT Registered Nutritionist. When you’ve read over this, get in touch to arrange your consultation and start a new chapter in your family’s food.

Before we meet

We’ll send through a detailed questionnaire and a food diary template that you return via email ahead of the session. There are lots of questions on this, but it helps save time during the face to face meeting and helps me get a picture of what you need. The food diary gives me a picture of what you eat in an average week as a starting point.

Initial consultation

(1 – 1.5 hours): For postnatal visits your baby / toddler is very welcome at the session too. I’m happy to meet at your house if that helps you . As parents we understand it can be difficult getting out for appointments with a small baby or toddler. I can also arrange a space for us to meet somewhere central if you prefer, we can discuss where is best for you.

We will talk  through what you are looking for help with, and during the session I will take a full case history, covering all your health concerns, any diagnosis, and current symptoms. Whether you’re just about to start a family, or you’ve just had your third baby, I can give you diet advice and support to get in the best shape you can be.

I’ll give you some handouts during the session that will help with meal or snack ideas to help get you started. Our nutrition consultations are holistic, looking at your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

I may recommend some nutritional supplements to support your dietary changes. Occasionally I will suggest some tests that could provide more information about your health. These are not included in the cost of the consultation, and we’ll talk each one through to agree next steps.

Your PlanFamily Nutrition - The Gentle Touch

Together we will talk about what food you like to eat, your lifestyle, and your aims from the sessions to create a set of tailored guidelines for you and your family. I will suggested foods that you should add or eat more of, and which foods you should reduce / avoid.

After the session I will follow up with an email including any additional information, recipes or specific research.

Follow up nutrition consultations

(45-60 minutes): We’ll meet again to see how you’re getting on, and we can arrange further sessions as needed. The follow up sessions are about chatting through how you’re getting on with the food recommendations, and how your symptoms over time.

Nutrition Fees

Nutrition Package – £149 which includes:

  • Initial consultation – 90 mins
  • Nutrition plan
  • Follow up phone consultation within 2 weeks of initial appointment – 20 mins
  • Follow up consultation – 45-60 mins

Arrange a FREE 15 minute consultation to see if you think nutritional therapy can help you – there is no obligation to book an appointment, and I’m happy to share what I know over the phone when we speak, and if you want to delve deeper, we can arrange an appointment.

To book get in touch or email us at info@the-gentle-touch.com