New Baby Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a gift for a new mum we’ve collated our list of new baby gift ideas as a starting point to spark your ideas.

If you want something a new parent will really find useful, or you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for your friend take a look at some of these suggestions. If you’ve got a colleague leaving work clubbing together to buy a few of these new baby gifts will ensure your colleague remembers you all fondly whilst she’s on maternity leave!

Baby shower gift ideas

  • Baby Massage voucher (Shameless plug for ourselves of course!) A baby massage course is a really thoughtful gift that give a new skill and helps to develop the bond between mum and baby.
  • Food – Some wholesome meals for the freezer that new parents can chuck in to feed themselves after a hard day of parenting. Organise a few people to create a rota of food delivery. Or if you can’t make the food yourself, there are some really good quality frozen meal delivery services.
  • A thermos cup to keep your hot drink hot. 
  • Epsom salts for a relaxing bath to help replenish magnesium levels. NB – Some women find this can affect their milk supply if breastfeeding, so whilst this is safe if you’re struggling with supply should avoid just to be safe.
  • Neals Yard Arnica & Seaweed bubble bath.
  • Pukka Mother and Baby tea for soothing new mums, contains herbs to boost breastfeeding.
  • Good quality dark chocolate for the antioxidants and endorphins.
  • The Wonder Weeks book – based on excellent research and infant development studies.
  • Buggy Buddy (a clip for the buggy to help carry heavy shopping bags)

New Baby Gifts For Second (Or Third) Babies

If your friend already has a lot of baby ‘stuff’ then sometimes the experiences are the best:

  • Organise a cleaner for a few weeks – we did this for a friend’s second baby and she said it was the best present ever!
  • Pregnancy massage voucher for those last few weeks of waiting with aches and pains.
  • A gift for the first child to keep them busy whilst feeding baby.

New Baby Gifts For Winter / Summer Newborns

  • Hot water bottle with fluffy cover.
  • Nice slippers and pyjamas.
  • Blackout blinds for those summer early sun rises!

It doesn’t have to be hard buying new baby gifts for a friend or colleague. You can always ask them what they want of course, or surprise them with something off our list. (NB – we are not affiliated with any of the products in this blog post and do not get any commission for recommending them, they are genuine loves of ours and our clients!)

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