Mother's Mentor

Do you need to talk?  I’m ready to listen. 

Becoming a mother is probably the biggest transition most of us will make in our lifetimes.  Everything in our lives can be completed turned upside down.  That can take some getting used to. 

It’s ok to feel the need to talk to someone, someone who will listen without judging you, trying to fix you or passing comment.  As mothers we have an overwhelming amount on our daily plate, juggling those plates gets tricky sometimes and can really knock our confidence if we feel we aren’t coping with everything in our lives. 

We need to normalise this feeling by talking about it more. 

Who is a Mother’s Mentor session for? 

A lot of mothers want to have a general chat about the challenges of motherhood, some will come with a specific issue they want to work through.  Others don’t really know what they need but know they could benefit from talking to someone.  Often clients are brand new mums but others have one, two or more children.  All mums can benefit, there is no child’s age limit.

What can I expect from a Mother’s Mentor session.

The sessions are scheduled for 1 hour.  Your appointment we will generally be at Emma’s home office, although newborn mothers often want a home visit, that is fine too.  We spend a short time at the beginning of the session going through expectations, limitations and what my remit is.


I will then listen to you whilst you talk about whatever is on your mind. Together we can work it through, so you will come away feeling lighter and if you need them, some tangible strategies for your next steps in moving forward. 



Who is the Mother’s Mentor?

Emma, our Mother’s Mentor has a long history of coaching and mentoring women. Most recently with The Gentle Touch working with new mothers since 2011. Before The Gentle Touch, Emma spent 20 years training, supervising and mentoring teams of women in her previous jobs.  She has various leadership qualifications and has worked with women of all ages and different walks of life. 

Emma is an empathic and intuitive listener and draws on her background experiences to help women negotiate the transition to motherhood, gaining balance and confidence in their life.


In addition to her baby massage and baby yoga teachings, Emma is an Antenatal teacher and Postnatal Doula.. After experiencing postnatal illness herself with her second child Emma now has a passion for working with women who are feeling overwhelmed with everything in their life.