Mother's Help

Do you feel overwhelmed with motherhood?

We know so many women often feel alone during this stage of life. Do you lack family nearby and you feel you can’t ask friends for practical help? Maybe you experience a low mood and can’t get the energy to cook a healthy meal every day for your family. Do you feel the piles washing keep on mounting up and there is no time to deal with them?

We recognise these feelings – sometimes from our own families, or close friends who were able to talk about their experiences. In our job working with so many women over the last 5 years we identified a real need for some support for women in the home looking after children.

Sometimes we need to ask for help. We offer help with the practical aspects of running a home from someone who understands your issues.

Book in now with Jemma, our new Mother’s Help!

What is a mother’s help?

A mother’s help will generally work alongside the mother, helping with any household duties that the mother needs assistance with as well as caring for the children.  A mother’s help is a supervised role and they aren’t left in sole charge of Infants, unless specifically stated.

How a mother’s help can support you:

  • Preparing meals.
  • Running errands such as the family shopping.
  • Accompanying on errands such as school runs, outings with babies/children.
  • Assisting with online food shops/ad hoc.
  • Washing/folding/ Ironing.
  • General tidying of house.
  • Providing a listening ear.

Practical help from people who care.

Our mother’s helpers are affectionate, loving, energetic, reliable, honest, discreet and responsible. they have a can-do attitude, a love for children and a passion to assist mothers during the overwhelming journey that motherhood can be.

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