Mother’s Helper

Why you need a Mother’s Helper?

We know so many women often feel alone during this stage of life. Do you lack family nearby and you feel you can’t ask friends for practical help? Mayb you can’t get the energy to cook a healthy meal, or  do you feel the piles washing keep on mounting up and there is no time to deal with them?

We recognise these feelings – sometimes from our own families, or close friends who were able to talk about their experiences. In our job working with so many women over the last  6 years we identified a real need for some support for women in the home looking after children.

Sometimes we need to ask for help. We offer help with the practical aspects of running a home from someone who understands your issues.

What is a Mother’s Helper?

A mother’s help will generally work alongside the mother, helping with any household duties that the mother needs assistance with as well as caring for the children.  A mother’s help is a supervised role and they aren’t left in sole charge of Infants, unless specifically stated.

Jemma, our Mother’s Help is an experienced mother of 4 children.  Click here to read more about her.

What to expect from a Mother’s Helper visit?

Once you have made an enquiry you will have a phone call with Jemma to chat through your requirements.  To work out exactly what you would like her to help you with.  Often, for block bookings, she will do a pre visit so Jemma can meet your child/ren and to go over any questions.

Areas that Jemma can help you with:

  • Accompanying you on an excursion if you need an extra pair of hands
  • Occupying your child while you use the time to do whatever you choose
  • Children’s bedroom / play area tidying and organisation
  • Children’s laundry, sorting, washing, folding and putting away
  • Cleaning toys
  • Reorganisation of problematic areas
  • Light tidying or vacuuming
  • Washing up / loading / emptying dishwasher
  • Cleaning food prep areas and wiping down highchair / eating area
  • Feeding your child
  • Preparing food for your child, including recipe suggestions if required.