Mantras for Parenting

Parenting can be extremely rewarding, but also very difficult; the lack of sleep, adapting to a new baby (or new addition to an existing family), working, juggling friends and family, and trying to find time for yourself within this can be exhausting. Your baby may sleep well, but there is still a raft of information to absorb and adapting to a whole new life style.

So what do you do when it all gets too much?

Each family and each individual has their own path to becoming a parent, and it’s a life long journey because your children are always developing. When life feels overwhelming for you, introducing breathing techniques and positive mantras can really help.

Some people use mantras to help clear their mind during meditation, or yoga practice, but this simple technique can be incorporated into your everyday parenting as well. It has been shown that repeating a phrase to yourself is a more effective way to let the message sink in than reading it or hearing it.  It’s like you’re learning a new way of thinking; replacing the negative messages with positive phrases that you will come to believe.

We run on auto-pilot sometimes, and that often means running through the ‘to do’ list without thinking. Closing your eyes and breathing for five minutes (of whatever you can manage) in your day can bring your awareness back to your body, and you start to notice tense shoulders, shallow breathing, or perhaps anxiety in your stomach. You can take deep breaths anywhere – at the checkout, waiting for the kettle to boil, or in the car at the traffic lights.

Mantras for Parenting

You can try the following mantras when you feel you need to change to a more positive outlook:
  • This too shall pass – every stage of your baby’s development is temporary, something always changes after a short time. Each day will only come once, tomorrow is a new day. Very important mantra for all parents!
  • I am calm, my baby is calm – Try thinking this to yourself as you hum ‘OM’ in a single note, repeated 5 times. As you physically relax your baby will pick up on changes in your posture and breathing, and babies tend to relax at the sound of their mothers voice.
  • I am enough – accepting your baby, and accepting how you are is critical to being able to take a step back from the emotions you may feel.
  • Me and my baby are growing together – Parenting is an intricate process of each of you getting to know the other. Your baby has to get to know everything about you, and you watch her grow physically, emotionally and mentally. You learn to respect and trust each other.
  • I am the perfect parent for my baby – bringing awareness back to your relationship can help you realize how well you’re doing. Everyone has tough days, you’re a great parent!
  • I am doing my best – Parents push themselves for their children, getting out of bed during the night when you think you can’t do it anymore, and yet you do. Your love for your baby will mean you do the best for where you are in your life right now.

Relaxation techniques help you cope with less sleep. In our Baby Yoga classes you will learn simple breathing and relaxation techniques to use at home. Our yoga postures are adapted so that you can do them with your baby. Baby Massage has gained popularity in the UK in the last five years, but Baby Yoga is a fairly new practice. It’s based on the traditional yoga postures and breathing, but includes lots of songs and rhymes to keep your baby engaged. You don’t need any experience of yoga yourself to come to one of our classes, all movements are very gentle and clear instruction is given.

Baby Yoga Classes

During our classes we use gentle poses that move your spine and shoulders to help release tension from physical demands of feeding and carrying a baby. We use simple stretches, breathing techniques and restful balances to release tension throughout the body. We will also give you tools to bring back playfulness to a fussy baby with our co-ordination sequence. The gentle stretches engage and then relax your baby’s muscles leaving them relaxed and calm, as well as supporting their physical and cognitive development. Our Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes in Bristol give you an opportunity to meet other parents locally where you can share the parenting experience. Try the mantras when you feel you need to change your mindset, and let us know how you get on!

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