Fertility – Sleep may affect sperm quality

Are you trying to conceive? So much attention is focused on a woman’s fertility because our reproductive systems and hormones are more varied and complicated. You might be exercising, eating well, perhaps taking some herbs or acupuncture. You may have also thought about your partner’s sperm quality and it can be improved.

But have you made sure your partner is getting enough sleep?

Some new research has just come out linking the length of a man’s sleep to the quality of  his sperm.

A research project in China has shown that sleeping for less or more than seven hours a night could reduce men’s sperm quality.

Researchers found that sperm from men who slept for more than nine hours or less than six and a half hours a night had lower volume of and lower total sperm count

Scientists noted that the sperm quality was at its best when men snoozed for seven to seven and a half hours a day.

Fertility Nutrition

Anna, our Nutritional Therapist, can work with you on your diet if you are trying for a baby to get you in the best shape for pregnancy. Sometimes simple dietary changes can improve your hormones, immune system and feelings of wellbeing.

The best results come from both partners looking at their diet and getting into top pre-conception form, and we can run double appointments if you’d like to come along together.  Contact Anna for a free 15 minute appointment to discuss what you are looking for. Even if you don’t book she may be able to provide some ideas for you to investigate and try at home.

Anna – 07812010412 or email on info@the-gentle-touch.com


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