How do you feel when your baby is crying?

It’s really important for baby’s brain development that you respond to your baby when they need you. If your baby is crying they are trying to tell you something. The only way he has to let you know he needs something is crying, so babies do cry a lot!

It can really trigger our internal anxiety to hear our baby cry (not to mention your boobs!) He needs to know you love him and he’s important. Babies cannot be spoiled with too many cuddles and human attention or contact.

However, if you need the toilet, or you need to make a cup of tea it won’t damage him to leave him for a minute whilst you attend to your basic needs as well.

Don’t leave your baby crying

We’re NOT talking about leaving your baby to cry for an extended period. There is a growing body of research about how leaving babies to cry can negatively impact their brain development.

BUT it’s ok if you can’t instantly respond to them when they express they need you. They will learn it was maybe scary or sad to be without you, but it is a good development for them to realise you always return with love.

First babies are the only ones who get an instant parent after all, siblings who come along always have to wait for a few moments whilst you wipe bottoms, mop up spilled water, console a grazed knee or provide a snack to allow you to feed in peace for a few moments.

Look after yourself

Looking after your basic human needs (like ensuring you’ve got some water to drink and a snack whilst your feeding, or going to the toilet) is very important at a time when your life has turned upside down, and motherhood has hit you full on!

So, don’t feel guilty to take a few moments to stock up on snacks and a drink before you breastfeed, or go and have a wee when you need it. Just give your baby lots of cuddles on your return and talk to him about it as you reconnect.

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