A new approach to baby sleep from The Gentle Touch

Our Sleep workshop is made for parents / carers of babies from newborn to 4 months. The content is honest and comprehensive, packed with information about baby sleep and practical tips for your family.

Our sleep seminar will cover:

  • Normal sleep expectations for babies from birth to 12 months
  • Sleep hygiene tips to help you soothe your baby
  • Guidance on looking after your physical and mental health (nutrition, relaxation)
  • Our signature SOOTHE sleep approach
  • Long lasting parenting strategies for supporting your baby
  • The psychology of mother and baby attachment and how this impacts sleep

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What is different about our sleep approach

Our approach to baby sleep is very different to other seminars about infant sleep. We offer a balanced approach to sleep, one that encompasses the needs and emotional wellbeing of all the family.

We will give you a clear understanding of normal infant sleep, and what is developmentally possible for your baby in the early months. This understanding will help you reframe the way you think about baby sleep and give you confidence to trust your parenting instincts.


Our Sleep Support Seminar benefits

The session covers some theories about infant development and how each stage of development impacts on their sleep. We also talk about your own emotions and what you might be bringing to the situation.

We offer you some practical suggestions to maximise your babies sleep, reduce night waking, lengthen naps and enable them to develop a healthy relationship with sleep. This includes some easy things you can add to your life like rhythms and rituals, and positive sleep associations.

We also provide lots of tips on how to cope with a lack of sleep and how to nourish and look after yourself when you are dealing with sleep deprivation.

What we won’t be doing is advising to leave your baby to cry or implement a particular technique or strict routine. We are not here to give you a magic quick solution to help you get your baby to sleep. There aren’t any magic solutions unfortunately, but we will support you to find what feels right for you and your family. Our course has been develop by Sara, our Sleep specialist who is an expert in Parent and infant mental health and has a wide range of experience working with families with postnatal and antenatal depression.