Baby Yoga

What is Baby Yoga?

Baby yoga classes are a fun and relaxing time to spend with your baby. The classes incorporate songs and rhymes with movements for your baby to help their physical and cognitive development. There is time for relaxation at the end, and some gentle stretches for parents too. We emphasise having fun with your baby, our classes are very baby led, allowing you to enjoy yourself regardless of whether your baby is wanting to feed, cuddle or join in, there is no pressure or expectation for your baby to ‘behave’ in a certain way.

For more on what to expect from a class including FAQs see our Baby Yoga Class page.

Our Rhymes and Relaxation classes are suitable for non-movers – the ideal age is 3 months to pre-crawling, but you can start from any time after the 8 weeks check. We will show you some gentle versions of moves which may otherwise be too stimulating for younger babies. This is a relaxing class with movements to support digestive issues (e.g. colic) as well as encouraging fun interaction between parent and child.

See Booking page for details of class locations and times.

Yoga for your baby

The exercises we use  are based on ancient yoga poses from over 2000 years ago, with the aim of strengthening muscles and maintaining your baby’s natural suppleness.

Baby yoga will improve your baby’s digestion through body movement and positioning. We work on strengthening and massaging the delicate intestines to help give relief from gas, colic and constipation.

We also give you tools to bring back playfulness to a fussy baby. The gentle stretches engage and then relax your baby’s muscles leaving them relaxed and calm.  When you take time to practice yoga with your baby he/she will feel loved, this is a special 1:1 time!

Baby yoga for you

Rhymes and Relaxation (Baby Yoga) is all about creating a space and time protected for you being with your baby. We include some gentle stretches and balances for you to help tone and strengthen muscles used for core stability. If you’ve never done yoga before this is a perfect class, the emphasis is on relaxation and fun. We know your body can store tension and can take a great strain looking after babies so we use simple stretches and restful balances to release tension throughout the body. Our classes are very welcoming and friendly.

Our baby yoga classes are an opportunity for you to focus on your baby and just ‘be’ together in a friendly and social environment.

Book now and try out baby yoga for yourself, we’d love to see you. Find out more about what the Baby Yoga classes involve.

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