Baby Weaning

I’m Anna, a Registered Nutritional Therapist, and a BANT Registered Nutritionist. I’m also a mother of two children so I’ve been through weaning twice, and also learnt all the science behind eating and nutrition. Weaning your baby can be great fun, a lot of mess, and brings a new dimension to family cooking. We’re offering weaning classes and private nutritional consultations to support parents with this exciting new milestone. Martha eating

As a new parent the responsibility of feeding another human being can seem overwhelming when you’re starting out. You have probably already got lots of advice from different sources, all giving differing opinions so it can feel tricky to know where to start.

Feeding your baby the right way

There isn’t one right way to feed your baby, our course will give you all the information you need to make choices that suit you and your lifestyle. We’ll give you menu ideas and recipes as well as providing all the nutritional information you need to give your baby a balanced and healthy diet.

There is more to feeding then just providing food for your baby, and we will talk about how to create nutritious family meals that you can all enjoy. All the information given follows the latest guidelines, and includes lots of opportunity to ask questions.

A pack of notes will be given to you to accompany the session, and to take away with you.

Our weaning course includes:

  • Attitudes to food and eating in families
  • Right time to introduce solids, signs of readiness – when is YOUR baby ready?
  • First weaning foods – what to give
  • Allergies and food intolerance
  • Methods of weaning – Purees or Baby Led Weaning
  • Nutritional requirements for your baby
  • Oral health whilst weaning
  • Family meal recipes you can all enjoy

Email us now to book in your session ( Private sessions available at your home on request with friends or family. We run group courses for 5-10 parents £18 each for 1.5 hours.

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