Baby Massage


This is the key information you’ll need about our Baby Massage courses and answers to our frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Baby Massage Course structure

Four weekly sessions, each session is approximately 1 hour long.
You will massage your own baby. The class instructor will use a demo doll and talk you through the gentle movements.

Course content

Each week we will learn massage strokes for a different part of the body. We also recap on the strokes learned in previous weeks to ensure that you feel confident in how to do it.  This way you slowly build up your knowledge in a way that is gentle for the baby.

Course aim

Our aim is that once you and your baby(ies) have completed the course, you come away feeling relaxed, confident and with a new skill which will last you a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be given printed handouts detailing the massage strokes learned each week, a information on the benefits of baby massage, and you will also be given a bottle of massage oil.

Bring your baby with you first and foremost!

You’ll also need a small baby blanket and a towel, as well as any usual baby equipment needed.

We will provide some blankets for the floor but please bring a cushion to sit on if you would like.

Please dress in comfortable clothes, which is probably not a skirt as we will be sitting on the floor for most of the session. If you find this uncomfortable then of course we can show you other positions to sit in to massage your baby.

Take a look through the various pictures posted on this site which give you an idea of what the sessions look like.

We will progress at the babies pace and the baby will always come first so whether your baby needs feeding, changing or whether they are unsettled, you can just join back in when you are both ready. All parents are in the same situation and understand that babies don’t always work to a timetable, even if we want them to

If your baby is asleep when you arrive please feel free to leave them in the buggy/sling or carseat whilst we chat.  Then if/when you are happy to do so you can wake them and begin the massage strokes.  Please remember the strokes you learn during the sessions are only a part of the process, the more you practice at home the more you will start to see the benefits.  Therefore if one week you don’t get to do much massage you will still have learned the stokes and you can put in the practice at home.  The instructors will always try to bring a spare demo doll with them if you need to use it.

It is advised that a baby’s tummy is not massaged within approx 45 minutes of a big feed, obviously they may need feeding before/during the session which is fine, but you will need to leave the tummy strokes until another time, or practice on a doll. The rest of the body can still be massaged.

At the first session, we will spend the first 20mins getting to know each other and your instructor will explain full the details of each week.

At the subsequent sessions we always start with a round the room, how has your week been.  It is lovely to hear the about how you have been practicing your massage but equally it is a good opportunity to talk to other parents, mostly mums about all sorts of parenting subjects eg. Sleep, Crying, Weaning etc. Remember everyone is going through the same thing as you at the same time and lots of our clients find this a rewarding part of the course and make new friends they keep in touch with long after the course finish.

During the course your instructor will also give you lots of other information about the massage oil used as well an overview of the history and benefits of Baby Massage.

If you have any other questions please get in touch and we can add to the FAQs.