Caring for your Baby

We (Emma and Anna) have nearly 10 years of experience between us running The Gentle Touch, as well as having 2 of our own children each.

We’re really interested in the latest research around birth, breastfeeding, parenting so we bring you our collated tips on these pages to help you with caring for your baby. 

Our tips for caring for your baby, especially those with conditions such as colic, reflux and constant crying.

Dealing with colic


Constant crying

Crying: When the crying doesn’t stop – try our tips to soothe your baby and care for yourself during this time which can be stressful and worrying.





Baby Massage for Colic

Tummy Massage

Baby Massage for Colic: Massaging your baby’s tummy will help with their wind/constipation and general digestive discomforts. We suggest massaging your baby’s at a couple of points during the day to help symptoms of colic





I love you

Baby Massage to relieve gas

Baby Massage to relieve gas: A lovely short sequence to try if your baby suffers with wind, it supports healthy movement through the large intestine. Carried out regularly it can really help to eliminate excess wind.




Supporting a baby with Infant Reflux

Resting hands baby massage

Baby Massage can aid reflux

Baby Massage for reflux: Baby massage has been shown to support the nervous system, which helps to resolve infant reflux. Massage can also play a part in calming you through this difficult time.





Baby Games and Playtimes

Tummy Time Tips

Tummy Time Tips

Tummy Time: Try our tips for Tummy Time to help you build this important development aid into your routine whilst working with your baby as an individual.





Tiny toes massage

Tiny Toes Massage

Tiny Toes Massage: If your baby has a cold try this little toe massage with a fun rhyme.
Gently squeeze and pull each toe starting with the big toe and working down to the little one.

Also stimulates reflexology points for the sinuses and teeth, so worth trying if your baby is teething.




Best Baby Massage Oil

Best Baby Massage Oil: The best oil to massage your baby is edible, natural, and cold pressed. Read our tips for using oil to massage your baby





Baby Massage to help colic

Singing to your baby

Sing your heart out: Is singing to your baby part of your routine? Babies love it and it’s a great way to connect together, so don’t feel shy. Plus there are lots of developmental benefits for singing to your little one.





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