Does my baby need follow on milk?

If your baby is around 6 months you might wonder if you need a follow on milk which you see advertised. Anna, our Baby Weaning expert explains why it’s not necessary.

Should I change my baby to a follow on milk?

There are several follow on formula milks available in supermarkets so you may be wondering whether you need to make a change to your baby’s feeding. Here is the low down….

If you’re formula feeding before 6 months

Basically if you have a formula which your baby is happy to drink, there is no reason to make a change once you hit 6 months. Follow on milks normally have higher levels on protein and some vitamins and minerals but since your baby will be eating from 6 months they will start to get nutrients from solid food. It is better to get your baby used to solid food rather than rely on nutrients from milk.

Follow on milk is only created because there are strict advertising restrictions on newborn formula products. This means the companies needed to create a follow on milk which they are able to advertise so you get familiar with the brand name.

If you’re breastfeeding

There is no need to switch to formula once you get to 6 months if you’re happy to continue feeding your baby breastmilk. It’s the best, most nutritionally complete food for babies.

What about hungry baby formulas?

Some formulas are advertised to parents of hungry babies.  These brands generally contain more casein (protein in the cows milk) than whey, and casein is harder for babies to digest.

There is no evidence that babies settle better or sleep longer when fed this type of formula and it may cause digestive issues for your baby.

Want to know more about starting solid foods with your baby? Come to our next Baby Nutrition & Weaning class – it’s run by Anna, our registered Nutritional Therapist and it’s packed with information so you feel confident to start weaning your baby on solid foods.


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