Baby brain

‘Baby brain’ is what we say mothers get when they are tired, forgetful can’t cope with the fast pace of society. It’s seen as a negative thing, perhaps because we live in a society where the values of science, maths and logic are valued above everything else. We can choose to see this period of our lives where we are experiencing such a huge change in a positive way too, you are gaining so many new aspects to your personal development.

What is baby brain?

The oxytocin released when you have a child changes the structure and chemistry of your brain. You are physically different. Whilst many of the physical changes can be seen, there are also these chemical changes in the brain.

Through this surge in oxytocin mothers in their postpartum period have heightened senses. They are better at reading non-verbal signs and show better empathy – all very important for new mums to help connect with and protect their newborn.

Blame it on the baby brain

Don’t allow the cultural messages telling you ‘baby brain’ is a bad thing make you feel you’ve lost something, you have gained a great deal too!

Lots of mothers find after having a baby they have changed priorities; things that were important before no longer seem so essential. This can be very disorientating, and some mums feel a bit lost, and they don’t know who they are anymore. Your brain is actually different which can be disorientating. This is on top of having to learn new skills to care for your baby.

Developing as a mother

As a mother, you have to embrace a whole new set of strengths, and perhaps let go of some aspects of yourself that you have always valued. It doesn’t mean you can’t go back to that high powered job, or enjoy scientific work, but just accepting some new strengths into yourself, and valuing this time in your life.

How to support yourself as a mother

With all this going on you need to find a way to look after yourself so you can look after your baby.

When you have a time of depletion and feel you need some nurturing, a simple checklist can become your reminder, whether it’s a cuppa with a friend, a massage or reading a book. Take minute now to write down some nurturing things, places, or people that help you.  It’s important to keep yourself filled up. Have a think about what really makes you tick, what you could not do without, what builds you up and helps you feel whole again.

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