Nurturing Mother and Baby
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Support for Parents

We want to support all you new mamas through your parenting journey, and we have put together information we found useful about caring for your baby and looking after yourself to give you some tips. Take a look at our Nutrition pages for support with healthy eating.

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Caring for your baby


We’ve brought together ideas to help you care for your baby, including tips for managing reflux, colic or constant crying. You will also find ideas for playing with your baby too, e.g. little rhymes and songs.





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Nurturing yourself


Looking after yourself and can be hard to do with a young family, but it’s vital to build yourself up, so you can care for your family. Read our breathing techniques, parenting mantras and self facial massage techniques.






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Treatments for you


Treatments for you. We have a range of treatments for parents that will soothe and relax you, and can be booked within the comfort of your own home so you can just roll into bed afterwards! Take a look at what Jane and Lindsay can offer you to help restore and relax.





If there are any specific topics you’d like to see us write about please get in touch and let us know –